Lyriana Affiliate Program
Lyriana Affiliate Program


Thank you for your interest in the Lyriana Affiliate Program!

Best-selling Lyriana can provide you with a income right away. All you need is either a new or existing website to start bringing in healthy commissions through Lyriana's affiliate program.

With our industry leading 90 day guarantee backing up Lyriana's high customer satisfaction rate, you'll have no trouble converting visitors into clients at an impressive rate.

Get Started With These Simple Steps:

  1. Sign up on our simple one page form we provide.
  2. Pick promotional materials from our extensive banner library.
  3. Set up the ads and links you've chosen on your site.
  4. Start making money immediately.

Every time one of your site's visitors clicks an ad or link and follows up with a purchase, you'll make an amazing commission. Your money-making potential is limited only by your ability to draw traffic to your own website. You can track the commissions easily through our affiliate dashboard.


Lyriana has the reputation you need for success. Our product is a worldwide best seller that we back up with regular national advertising.

How Does The Lyriana Affiliate Program Stand Out?

The following reasons make it clear why becoming our partner will lead to your financial success:

1. Our simple approach makes making affiliate sales as easy and effective as possible.

All you need to do to get started is to set up a banner or link we provide with the unique affiliate code we give you. Every time one of your site's visitors clicks through your banner or link and makes a purchase you'll make a 40% commission. That means that every visitor we get from you that buys an average of $110 worth of our products will put $44 in your affiliate account. You can earn an unlimited amount of sales, and some of our affiliates earn as much as $60 per sale with ease.


2. You won't lose money when customers make a return.

We do not tie your commission to the success of Lyriana, so you can rest easy knowing that money in your affiliate account is going to stay there. Most customers are quite happy with our product, but inevitably we do get a few people who use our 90 day guarantee period to return their order. We'll never deduct your commission when we honor our 90 guarantee.

3. We track your affiliate code for 90 days!

We know that click-through traffic doesn't always result in an immediate sale, so we track your affiliate code for 90 days to make sure that you get credit for customers who make a purchase at a later date.

4. We give you the tools and turnaround you need for success.

We have web based tools set up in our affiliate administration page to give you the advertising materials you need and track your progress with our system. You'll be able to track what you earn, how many clicks you generate, and anything else you need to know with our real time tracking system. We'll also make sure you always have access to a support team that can answer questions and deal with technical problems as soon as they arise.