Adult Toys To Help Boost Sexual Stimulation

Everyone likes to play with toys. Even the most content old couple tosses around the idea of buying a toy or two once in a while to make the bedroom a little bit more exciting. For some couples, the mere thought of bringing a device of some kind into the bedroom is a scary and intimidating thing. This is because many of us are very self conscious in the bedroom. Women might be afraid of trying a sex toy because they have probably seen a porno or two involving some gigantic piece of rubber that looks terrifying. Men might feel that if their girlfriend or wife wants a toy, they aren't doing their job. There are all kinds of things that have the potential to stand in your way in this area. Here are some easy things you can try that aren't too freaky.

The first thing you need to do is forget about that monstrous dildo you saw in a porn movie. Believe it or not, women don't enjoy those as much as it may seem. Instead think 'useful'. This could cover all kinds of areas. One of the easiest things to obtain that won't require you to go on the Internet or to a sex shop is a simple vibrating ring. Trojan makes these now and they are sold everywhere right next to the condoms. This ring just goes on the base of the mans penis and has a little vibrating area that is meant to stimulate the womans clitoris. I don't know if these work well or not but they sure look like they would be fun.

The next step up is probably some kind of clitoris stimulator or small vibrator that you will have to get from a specialty shop or online. There aren't any big parts so nobody will be intimidated or scared and it can be just as much fun for a man to use it on a woman as the woman using it herself. Men naturally love anything sexual so you shouldn't get complaints unless you stay locked in your room for hours on end after you buy it.

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