Over-The-Counter Female Aphrodisiac

Many women start to notice sexual decline as they age over 30, experience chronic stress, or go through menopause. While the hormone imbalance that causes this type of decline is perfectly natural, it can still be a source of great worry for the women who experience it. If you are interested in getting help for a low libido or decline in comfort during sex, consider trying one of the many over-the-counter female aphrodisiac options that are currently available.

Prescription Or Over-The-Counter Female Aphrodisiac?

Prescription drugs have long been the first choice of many women looking for sexual help simply because it is assumed that they are more powerful and more likely to work. While doctors used to prescribe hormone treatments to women looking for prescription sexual help, these treatments were eventually proven to be dangerous and unlikely to work. Most women asking for a prescription for female sexual dysfunction now are receiving drugs designed originally for male sexual issues, making them unlikely to do much for a woman at all.

Over-the-counter female aphrodisiacs that are actually designed for a woman can often provide a much better effect than any male prescription drug re-purposed for female use with a lower chance of developing unwanted side effects that may not even be known yet. While different over-the-counter remedies will provide different sets of results, a woman taking them can at least be certain that no severe long term medical complications will haunt her for her efforts. Many over-the-counter aphrodisiacs can even be combined in order to provide both immediate and long term help.

Over-The-Counter Female Aphrodisiac Choices

Creams - Some women start their search for an over-the-counter female aphrodisiac by checking for aphrodisiac creams that will quickly create at least the beginning of a desired effect. Unfortunately, cream solutions can only affect the area directly around the vagina when the problem most women have is much more internal. A cream may be able to create sensation and heightened arousal in the vaginal region, but it won't be able to improve libido or create the original desire for sex if it isn't there. Creams may do what they are intended to do sometimes, but they don't always do enough to actually help a woman with sexual issues that aren't purely physical.

Stop Gap Remedies - Walking into the appropriate isle of any local drug or grocery store will probably yield a selection of lubricants and other stop gap remedies designed to provide instant sexual gratification that might seem tempting to someone looking for an over-the-counter female aphrodisiac. These lubrication and sensation aids can often work quite well at making sex physically possible for a woman who would otherwise be unable to enjoy intimacy, but they don't do anything to help a woman become aroused or give her the desire for intimacy to begin with. Since most female sexual issues stem from low libido problems, this style of help only has limited use.

Vitamin Supplements - Some over-the-counter female aphrodisiac remedies are simple vitamin supplements designed to encourage and support the libido. There are nutrients that a woman's body needs to keep her libido functioning normally, but most women will already be getting these nutrients through normal eating or a standard multivitamin. Someone with low energy and problems that include a low libido may benefit from vitamins if a deficiency is really the cause, but most women looking for libido help won't notice a change through simply adding more of something that is already present in sufficient quantity.

Herbal Mixes - Herbal mixes like Lyriana can provide some of the most effective over-the-counter female aphrodisiac help available today. Lyriana is designed with a mixture of herbs that can assist a woman's body with balancing sexual hormone issues, improving arousal and response to arousal, and encouraging the vaginal blood flow that is necessary for creating natural lubricant and experiencing true sexual pleasure during intimacy. Lyriana's over-the-counter formula is completely safe and side effect free, so it won't harm a woman's body in the ways that prescription drugs tend to do.

Lyriana is available risk free for up to 90 days so you can make sure that this safe herbal formula will actually work for you. Since most women start to notice improvement in as little as 10 days, you should have plenty of time to evaluate the full effect of Lyriana. If you are looking for safe and side effect free help that will turn your sex life around, consider trying Lyriana risk free today.

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