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The following are provided to assist with any questions you have regarding Lyriana. If your question is not answered here, please send an email to and one of our trained support staff members will respond to your inquiry.

What Will Lyriana Do for Me?

Lyriana is an oral daily supplement that is formulated to significantly increase your desire for sexual activity. Once the ingredients in the formula have entered your bloodstream, your body starts to react.

You'll feel:

  • An intense sensation and sexual urge
  • Your vagina will start the lubrication process
  • our nipples, clitoris and vagina are stimulated
  • Sexual activity becomes a more passionate experience
  • Orgasm, as well as multiple orgasms, regularly occur

How Soon Can I Experience Results?

You will begin to see results within 7-10 days of use, but results can vary based on your physical health. It's important to understand that Lyriana is adding nutrients to your body that have been depleted due to stress, a poor diet, mild depression, illness or a lack of exercise, so it may take longer to see results if your mental and physical health has been neglected for a long period of time.

You can expect the following:

  • An increase in sexual awareness
  • An increase in sexual imagery and an heighten level of anticipation
  • An inner feeling that your brain is sending messages, which stimulate natural body reactions like an increase in vaginal lubrication
  • The clitoris and labia become more sensitive as the brain signals them that sexual activity is imminent.

How Does Lyriana Do All That So Quickly?

Lyriana's scientifically designed formula is a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients that have been used for centuries to increase the sexual appetite by sending messages to the brain through the nervous, reproductive, respiratory and circulatory systems.

The formulation is 100% safe and has been proven to add vital nutrients that balance hormonal secretion, especially the hormones that play a role in sexual activity.

Lyriana works even when your body experiences the radical hormonal changes that manifest from:

  • Monthly menstruation
  • Post-pregnancy
  • Overexposure to synthetic estrogen products
  • A lack of exercise, a poor diet and a stressful environment
  • During menopause

Lyriana restores balance to the body when external conditions put your mind in a stressful state, reducing your desire to have sex and enjoy it. The ingredients naturally add important supplements to cell tissue, which send signals to the brain that increases your libido. The combination of balanced sexual hormones and an increase in mental sensitivity creates sexual desire, which results in pleasurable sexual intercourse.

Does Lyriana have any other benefits?

While Lyriana has been scientifically developed to increase your libido, you may experience the following benefits as well:

  • A reduction in hot flashes
  • Regular periods
  • An increase in daily energy
  • Less frustration, fewer mood changes and less irritability
  • Pleasurable orgasms and frequent intense multiply orgasms

I seem to have lost my sexual sensitivity during any sexual activity. Can Lyriana really stimulate my genital area?

That's one of the benefits of using Lyriana regularly. The Clitoris, nipples, labia and vaginal area are stimulated naturally, because your brain is sending messages to the body before sexual activity. The powerful group of natural nutrients in Lyriana increase sensitivity in the areas where those messages are received.

When Lyriana enters the blood stream it starts to replenish nutrients in the cellular tissue throughout the body; especially in the genital area. These nutrients increase the blood flow to the small blood vessels in the vaginal area, which begin to lubricate the vagina. The body relaxes, and the reproductive system becomes sensitized by the ingredients, resulting in sexual arousal from the heightened awareness.

What about Orgasm? I've never had one. What will Lyriana do for me?

Over thirty-three percent of women who took part in a recent survey conducted by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) said that they never experienced an orgasm. Female orgasmic disorder is more common than most of us realize. There are several reasons why you don't reach an orgasm during sex. Health conditions, mild depression, anxiety, stress, fear and a general misunderstanding about sex itself contribute to the disorder.

Lyriana is designed to not only address the symptoms of orgasmic disorder and female sexual dysfunction; it's formulated to help reduce some of the causes of these debilitating sexual disorders. When the ingredients in Lyriana enter the bloodstream, small blood vessels throughout the body respond to the ingredients by dilating, so they receive more nutrients. The body as well as the mind relaxes, so the act of sex can be enjoyed for what it is; in other words rather than having grand expectations about the act and trying to force an orgasm, the body is in its relaxed state, which will produce an orgasm naturally. It's not uncommon for you to experience multiple orgasms when you use Lyriana, even when you never experienced an orgasm before.

I want to have sex, but I have minimal lubrication, causing a lot of pain. Will Lyriana help me?

Absolutely! One of the main benefits of using Lyriana is an increase in vaginal lubrication during sexual activity. When Lyriana's ingredients enter the bloodstream, blood flow increases, especially to the small blood vessels in the vagina, and that action stimulates the vagina. The vagina automatically begins to prepare for sex by lubricating itself.

If Lyriana is used regularly, the vagina will lubricate itself faster as the brain signals that a sexual encounter is imminent. The erotic messages that you subtly send throughout your body increase your sensitivity. The desire to have fulfilling sexual relations in a very relaxed, but excited fashion becomes you main priority, so an orgasm is achieved naturally.

Lyriana helps the body start a chain reaction. The more lubricated you become, the more sensitivity you experience, which results in an increase in desire, which culminates in sexual satisfaction.

Lyriana is designed to increase vaginal lubrication even in women who have experienced menopause.

Sex is so uncomfortable, I tell myself to forget about it. Can Lyriana ease my fears and discomfort?

Identifying why sex is so uncomfortable is the first step in correcting the issue. Usually when you are experiencing discomfort during sexual intercourse, your body is out of balance. In other words, the brain is not sending the correct messages to the body in the form of sensitivity and lubrication to ease the discomfort. If there is a hormonal deficiency your vagina will not produce enough fluid for comfortable and pleasurable intercourse. Lyriana is designed to help send the correct messages to the body so it reacts normally to sexual stimulation.

If there are other conditions like thinking sex is painful even before you have sex, or you're in a abusive sexual relationship or your beliefs about sex are based on negative aspects of the act itself, then the first step should be to face those issues and work through them with help from a professional.

In order to experience comfortable sex, you must believe in the healing value of sex. Life is lived to sense and feel our emotions using different experiences and to enjoy and appreciate sex in a way that satisfies you and enhances your happiness. That means the sex act is an individual experience that you design to increase your sense of well being. Lyriana was developed to help you achieve that goal.

The team of professionals that designed the formula for Lyriana understand your mental and physical needs and they produced a product that will address the various conditions that make sex uncomfortable.

Can I have sex if I'm menopausal? It seems like my sex drive disappeared. What can Lyriana do for me?

The ingredients in Lyriana will help you regain that youthful libido, even when you have gone through menopause. The myth and the stories about not having sex after menopause are just that; myths!

If you're pre or post menopausal you can enjoy a very active and healthy sex drive by using Lyriana. Lyriana's ingredients will help eliminate hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings and a low sex drive, by increasing your hormonal levels, which circulate through the bloodstream during sexual arousal.

The ingredients in Lyriana are formulated to assist you overcome the fabricated mental myths about the affects of menopause. Lyriana will balance your hormone secretion, so when you think about sex at any age, you manifest your sexual desires and then climax with an orgasm that feels amazing.

Can you give me a list of the ingredients in Lyriana?

Lyriana is comprises of the following ingredients: L-Arginine, Horny goat weed, Maca, Yohimbine Extract 8%, Damiana

How do I know Lyriana is really safe?

The ingredients in Lyriana are all natural herbal extracts that meet pharmaceutical safety standards. We test all of our ingredients for purity prior to production and can supply you with Certificates of Analysis that confirm the potency, freshness and safety of each ingredient in the formula. Additionally, each bottle is marked with an expiration date and a lot number.

If you do have other concerns about our formula, speak to a medical professional who understands how our ingredients work when they enter the body. Your safety and satisfaction is important, so we ethically produce a product that is morally sound and highly effective.

Is Lyriana FDA approved?

The Food & Drug Administration does not have an approval process for any nutritional supplements, only prescription medications. All of Lyriana's ingredients voluntarily comply with the FDA's GRAS safety requirements.

Does Lyriana have any side effects?

Lyriana is free of most side effects associated with other medications and supplements. A small minority of women report mild stomach discomfort in the first days of use. If this occurs, simply take Lyriana with food and the problem will subside. There are no other known side effects from taking Lyriana

Can I order Lyriana from outside the United States?

Yes, we can ship Lyriana internationally to most countries. If you are unsure whether your country's customs laws permit the importation of Lyriana, please contact us prior to placing your order. Please be aware that there may be a slight delay for customs clearance in foreign countries, including Canada.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

In the continental United States and Mexico, orders take 5-7 business days. For mail orders and international orders, please allow 12-14 business days. If you wish to check on the status of your order, please send us a message at, we will respond as quickly as possible.

What if I'm not completely satisfied with my order?

We at Lyriana believe strongly in our product, and we offer a guarantee to all of our customers. If you are not completely satisfied with the results you achieve while taking Lyriana, we'll refund your entire purchase price, no questions asked. We are confident that, like the majority (85%) of our customers, you'll discover that Lyriana is simply the most effective, convenient, cost-effective libido enhancing product on the market today. Order now, risk-free, and discover just what Lyriana can do for you!

Do you ship discretely?

We always ship your order in a plain package, so no one knows what you ordered.

Do you have customer support?

Our customer service department is always at your service during normal business hours. You can reach them at or call 1-800-245-6004.

What name will appear on my credit card statement?

The charge on your credit card will appear as "".

You Are Protected By Our 90-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee!

We're confident that you'll join the thousands of satisfied Lyriana clients, and we back that up with a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

We know that once you experience first-hand the effects that many of our existing customers call "The Little Sex Pill"> for women.

Your overall sexual health will never be the same!

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your results while using Lyriana, simply return it for a full refund (less shipping charges).


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Lyriana Ignite is a premium complex with essential vitamins, minerals, and revitalizing herbs developed to boost your sex drive for superior sex.

  • Helps normalize healthy arousal and desire
  • Supports powerful orgasms and heightened sensations
  • Promotes enhanced natural lubrication
  • Optimizes hormones necessary for high libido
  • Helps boost your natural response to sexual stimulation
  • Supports high energy and vitality throughout the day