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Female Lack Of Sex Drive

Female lack of sex drive can put serious stress on a relationship, leaving both partners feeling frustrated and unappreciated. Sometimes a woman with a low sex drive ends up feeling pushed toward avoiding intimacy completely, a response that can lead to a life that is not lived to its full potential. If you suffer from painful intercourse or a low libido, understanding what is wrong and getting the right help can truly improve your life.

Causes Of Female Lack Of Sex Drive

Age Related Issues - As a woman ages her hormone levels start to go out of balance. This issue is the worst during menopause, though it can cause trouble at any point. Hormone level swings can damage a woman's ability to feel interested in sex and mute her body's response to intimacy, causing a female lack of sex drive issue that can drive couples apart right when they should be solidifying their relationship.

Stress And Life Issues - Nothing can cause a female lack of sex drive quite the way a huge pile of stress can. While some life situations are natural stress causers and the best solution is simply letting them resolve, chronic long term stress can cause a devastating effect on a woman's sex drive and relationship. Treating the stress directly can help solve the issue when possible, though treating the libido problem alone can help as well.

Medical Concerns - There are some medical issues that will cause a female lack of sex drive as an effect of the problem, and medications can lower libido as well. It makes sense to see a doctor in these situations to see if help is available, though it isn't always an option. Seeing a doctor for sex drive issues that happen alongside other signs of a problem is always a good idea to make sure you're not suffering from a medical problem.

Dealing With Female Lack Of Sex Drive

There isn't much prescription medication available for a female lack of sex drive, and the options that do exist usually come with a set of short term and long term side effects that make the cure barely worth the results. Doctors will often promote synthetic hormone shots for menopause related issues, but this treatment can come with serious problems for a woman as she continues to age. Ideally, the best treatment options out there for female sex issues are natural supplements like Lyriana.

Lyriana can provide safe and effective treatment for lack of female sex drive without the dangerous side effects of prescription drugs. Lyriana helps your hormone levels stay balanced naturally while giving your body assistance creating blood flow in sensitive regions and encouraging the dopamine response that encourages sexual interest. Try Lyriana risk free to find out how it can restore your healthy sex drive.


Female Libido
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